Gallery Shigeatsu is a gallery space in the complex created in the memory of Mr Nakajima Shigeatsu, a true friend and godfather from Japan.

The gallery proposes to conduct national and international exhibitions and make kodaikanal  hub of creativity. this space can be utilised for small lectures and discussions on any subject as well as for small groups, corporates, and self development workshops.

We Invite with open arms artists, and creative people from all over the world to stay and pursue their creative endeavours in pristine surroundings


Sama F.A.R.M.S provides an ideal space for artists, writers, poets etc from around the world to stay and work in it’s perfectly natural surroundings. there are lovely walks around the place too.

The residency can assist in sourcing art materials as and when required; and we also propose to conduct exhibitions, artist exchange programs among a list of other art services we provide. Artists can use this space to creat a good body of work which can later be exhibited in Kodaikanal and in our parent art gallery Artworld in Chennai.

An ideal place for art galleries to hire the for artist workshops, which all galleries conduct from time to time